Websites I read regularly:


I discovered the website around end of 2009, early 2010. This website has been one of the main reasons of my drive to learn more regarding how the financial world works. Although I do not share all the views expressed by the various contributors and commentators, the level of posts and the comments (knowledge, insight, relevance…) has been a reference and a target to reach for this current site.

This website used to be quite technical, it is still not an easy read today for a non initiated, but it got “better”, although I personally think it is because there are now less pure finance articles and a bit more (geo)politics ones.

This site is the antithesis of a “mainstream” news media. As such, the views expressed there can be surprising and challenging at first. It gives an excellent “second point of view” to mainstream news and makes this website a reference. It is quit U.S.-centric so keep that in mind and take their information with a grain of salt (or even a full pouch sometimes).

Ah, yes, I almost forgot, it is also quite fun to read (for a cynic), it is one of the main draws to this site.