About the author:

The author is a French native who has spent a now quite considerable part of his live abroad, mostly in Asia. Undergraduate in Chemistry and graduate from a French business school, he has spent all his career in the Banking industry, in various support function positions (project management, accounting…) and in various countries.

The author took the examinations for the 3 levels of the CFA (Charted Financial Analyst) while working, to advance his career, but also to deepen his understanding of the Finance world.

Through his internal view of the Financial industry, his theoretical and practical knowledges and his web wandering, the author has accumulated an relatively comprehensive (not to say cynical) understanding of the way the world is working.

As George Carlin used to say “Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist”.

While never a complete idealist, the author has his eyes wide opened now…

About the website:

This website aims at bringing a bit more understanding of what is happening financially in the world these days to the readers, as much as possible in layman terms and as readily actionable ideas.

Through this site, the author aims at allowing readers to get an hopefully original point of view on various topics, as well as enabling them to share their own views.

Although the author was born a happy-go-lucky optimistic, his current views of the world are quite negative. The main target of most articles will therefore be to evaluate the situation realistically and to see what solutions are available to protect ones family and friends.